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November  2010

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  RFSander       FB Diverter      BRSander

Since 1985, C Power has been manufacturing and providing machinery for the Investment Casting Industry.

C Power can design systems for your foundry process! 

C Power can automate your existing equipment!

C Power has the experience to handle your foundry projects.

Why not let us quote your next foundry project!


C Power can

Dependable equipment - manufactured by people who know the casting machinery business and the operating environments encountered.

Consulting services in the areas of investment foundry production and practice, control system & equipment design - complete systems.

Plant Design

C Power can provide Optimization, System specifications, Process flow, Engineering, and Management.

Wax Systems

C Power builds Melting Units, Extruders - Injection Equipment - Hydraulic Wax Presses - Electric & Fluid Heated Hoses

Dip Tanks - Holding & Conditioning Tanks, Wax Distribution Systems


E Meltor                               Extruder                       Ag Wax Tank


Shell Building

C Power builds Rainfall Sanders And Drums – Binder Tanks & Turntable Mixers - Bottom Agitated Mixers - Fluid Beds - Jar Mills

C Power provides blowers, Automated Robotics - Conveyors - Drying Tunnels

RFSander          Rotary Mixer            Mixer Plow


C Power builds Knockout Hammers in Acoustically Insulated Cabinets - Monorail Loading Waterblast Cabinets with Manipulators

Caustic Leaching Autoclaves & Agitation Tanks, Caustic shell removal systems

Penetrant Inspection Cabinets - Shell Conveyors – Mold Manipulators


WBlast     Knockout Hammer     WBlast Cabinet

Autoclave Systems

C Power has complete dewax systems with Board Stamped & ASME designed pressure vessels, accumulators, boilers

C Power has exclusive dual vessel design CLAVULATOR DEWAX SYSTEM

36 Dewax        60 Dewax           48 Dewax

Titanium Melting Furnaces

C Power builds exclusive Arc Melting Vacuum Furnace – Electrical Supplies - Hydraulic Systems - State Of The Art PLC Controls

Burnout Ovens, Mold-Handling Equipment


Ti Chamber        Ti Firnace Control

Vacuum Casting Machines

C Power builds exclusive Dual Chamber Anti-Gravity Casting Systems - State Of The Art PLC Controls

C Power provides Vacuum Pumping Equipment, Automated Controls


Vacuum Caster        Vacuum Mold Chamber

Rebuilding Used Equipment

C Power also provides used equipment for your foundry.  C Power can rebuild that used equipment using the latest technology, components, and controls. 


Contact Bill Schulenberg at PreCastR@aol.com call (773) 348-7680 fax (773) 525-8401


Rebuit Wax Machine                                Used Wax Machine

Computer Control Systems

  C Power can design, program, and build your control system with the latest technology. 

  Automate your next process with new interface, processor, and network.


Dewax Control        Vac Caster Control

C Power has provided equipment to:

Atlantic Casting, PowerTech Propellers, Triumph Castings, Chromalloy, FC Precision Tech, Howmedica, Hitchiner Mfg,

Cooper Tool, Lynx Golf, Outboard Marine, Allied Signal, PED Manufacturing, Precision Castparts, Selmet, Wyman - Gordon, Southern Tool


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